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School Workshops

Flamenco Con Gusto runs ‘Flamenco Dance Workshops’ in Primary & Secondary Schools throughout the south-east of England. We have run workshops for events such as Spanish Days, International Culture Days and Languages Enrichment Days.


In these fun and dynamic workshops that inspire pupils and staff alike, we aim to introduce pupils to the culture, dance and language of southern Spain through practical engagement, practise and performance. Students are taught in both Spanish and English, and class activities cater for visual, audio and kinaesthetic learning styles.


The workshop leader is fully insured and DBS-checked as ‘Child and Adult Tutor’

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By the end of a session, pupils will be able to:-

  • Use basic Spanish greetings and follow basic instructions in Spanish.

  • Call out traditional flamenco phrases of encouragement such as ¡Olé! and ¡Arriba!

  • Embody fundamental Spanish dance posture and style.

  • Clap and stamp to the rhythm of the music.

  • Perform a sequence of flamenco steps with co-ordinated arm, head and foot movement.

  • Describe traditional flamenco costume.

  • Describe the multi-cultural origins of flamenco.

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The workshops include:-

  • Flamenco dance demonstration in costume.

  • Sample costumes for boys and girls.

  • Illustrations of men and women, boys and girls performing flamenco.

  • Brief Q&A and discussion re. the multi-cultural origins of Flamenco.

  • Teaching a dance routine in traditional flamenco style, with masculine/feminine variations.

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The teaching of the dance routine can be to recorded music or to live guitar accompaniment. Sessions run from 40mins to 55mins with a maximum of 30 pupils.



  • £160 + travel fares for a morning.

  • £110 + travel fares for an afternoon.

  • £260 + travel fares for a whole day.

  • Live guitarist at an additional fee of £45 an hour.

Prices include admin, prep & travel time.

For more information contact Danielle info@FlamencoConGusto.co.uk


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